Bomb Squad Detonates Package Near Federal Building in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — A suspicious package was detonated by police and three people were questioned by the joint terrorism task force, and a scare Wednesday afternoon has since received the all clear.

The incident happened at the post office just off Alamo Square.

Around 5:15 p.m., tourists and pedestrians were quickly told to take cover as the explosion shook the ground. Parts of Houston Street were blocked off as the bomb squad assisted Homeland Security agents on the scene.

“We were with a few other people and all of the sudden they told us to run. We ran because they said there was going to be some sort of debris,” said a Denver tourist.

According to the FBI, three men brought a package inside the lobby of the Hipolito F. Garcia Federal building, triggering an X-ray machine.

Shortly before a loud explosion was heard, a San Antonio police officer told Spectrum News reporter John Garcia to move back and take cover.

“Our bomb squad responded, turned out not to be an explosive device. And those individuals are being questioned by the joint terrorism task force,” said Chief William McManus, of the San Antonio Police Department.

A perimeter was created around the businesses across from the Alamo and the Alamo itself was shut down. Now the situation is safe and streets have since reopened. The suspicious package was not an explosive device.

“As the package went through the x-ray machine at the courthouse, there were things inside of it that made security concerned. There were a number of people brought the package in. They were detained for questioning. We’re in the process now of questioning them and to make sure everything is okay,” said Christopher Combs, FBI Special Agent San Antonio Division.

Officials tell us the men involved are being questioned, are being cooperative and never attempted to run when the x-ray machine detected something was wrong.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush issued the following statement:

“I want to thank local San Antonio Police Department officers, Homeland Security agents, the San Antonio Fire Department and Alamo Rangers who responded quickly to reports today of potential suspicious packages in the area adjacent to the Alamo Complex. The area was secured, streets were closed to traffic and visitors, staff and other individuals in the area were escorted to secure areas for their safety.

“Securing the Shrine of Texas Liberty and those who visit is a top priority and we continue to work with our partners to protect the site.

“Our first responders courageously put themselves at risk to protect others and this is yet another reminder of their brave and honorable service to our communities.”

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