Poor Zaza Pachulia Couldn’t Get an Nba Finals Hat That Fit His Giant Head

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If the Warriors were riding high after sweeping unbeaten into the NBA Finals, at least one member of the squad was given a humbling reminder not to get too — dare we pun — big-headed.

The Warriors were enjoying the postgame celebration after beating the Spurs 129-115 on Monday night when poor Zaza Pachulia attempted to put on his new NBA Finals hat. Sadly for Zaza, it was a moment of humiliation caught on camera.

SVP talks to Steph Curry about Zaza Pachulia not being able to get a hat on his head pic.twitter.com/8iRk3ESHkJ

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) May 23, 2017

Stephen Curry, who was giving an interview with ESPN, started laughing uncontrollably as his Warriors teammates attempted to cram the hat on Pachulia’s head. Clearly sensing defeat, Pachulia turned the cap backward and perched it on his head to the cheers of the group.

“They didn’t make the hat in Zaza’s size,” Curry laughed. “Hopefully they’ll get that fixed if we win the Finals and they can get a bigger hat for him if we get four more wins.”

As usual, Zaza took it all in stride. On Tuesday morning, he tweeted a clip of the hat struggle with the caption: “Thanks for looking out @StephenCurry30. #ineedbiggerhat.”

The NBA Finals start on June 1, giving the Warriors plenty of time to measure Zaza’s head for any potential future hats.

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