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Violent crime shifts to north and central San Antonio

central San Antonio

By Kristyn Leon, News 4 San Antonio

A store clerk was shot seven times during an attempted robbery Tuesday afternoon at the Diamond Mart off of Vance Jackson. Store clerk Zachary Benavidez, 23, died in the hospital the next day (News 4 San Antonio Photo).

SAN ANTONIO–Violent crime is up all across San Antonio, and now it’s shifting to the north and central side of town.

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Some residents said they are seeing more violence in their communities than ever before.

We learned calls are up in this area 10 percent from last year, according to police reports.

Police said it’s a crime trend that has no reasonable explanation, but neighbors told News 4 otherwise.

“We’re not going to tolerate crime going up in our neighborhood,” said Lisa Talley. “You cannot put a price on all of these people’s safety. There’s no price you can put on that.”

According to Talley, she’s seen more bad than good happening in her neighborhood.

“We have gunfire. We have had shootings, stabbings, robberies,” said Talley. “I’m very concerned for everyone in my neighborhood.”

Many concerned residents, like Talley have reached out to News 4 wondering if the lack of manpower has anything to do with the recent spike in violent crime. So we asked the San Antonio Police Department.

“It’s no secret that we are actively recruiting some vacancies and we are aggressively filling them, but there are no districts that go unfilled,” said Sgt. Jesse Salame with SAPD.

We learned so far there have been 10 murders in the north-central part of San Antonio.

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Family violence, assault and robbery are also up from last year, according to police documents.

“We can’t point to any particular reason,” said Salame. “It’s not attributable to one thing specifically.”

Salame said he recognizes the change going on citywide.

Sergeant Jesse Salame with the San Antonio Police Department recognizes the change going on citywide, “In one or two cases, we’ve seen a couple of people on a crime spree and develop multiple offenses.”

However, he assures the community they’re doing everything in their power to protect us from the bad guys.