What To Do In San Antonio Today


I am sure you have heard that everything is bigger in Texas. That is actually the motto of the state and for the most part very true. However, there is also the smaller and quieter side of Texas. Today, we are going to look at some of the best things you could do in San Antonio today. And while they may not always be bigger, they are going to be memorable.

If you are looking for one of the most romantic cities in the United States, would you believe this distinction falls upon San Antonio? It is true, the vast majority of romance novels and movies all take place in San Antonio! With the gorgeous skyline and beautiful scenery, it is actually a wonderful place to visit with that special someone and fall in love for the first time or all over again. There are plenty of small romantic hotels throughout the city that will help bring that special spark in addition to the great area restaurants.

If you are a basketball fan, you may not see much of a need to go to SanAntonio. However, if you consider yourself the ultimate Shaq fan, this city should be a must see destination. Here you will be able to visit the high school where Shaq learned to shoot like a star. Who knows, you may just bump into him as he traverses his old stomping grounds! We said we were going to stay small, but you really can’t when you are talking about Shaq.

You may not think of Texas when you are thinking of famous fried chicken. That honor is usually bestowed on Kentucky and a famous Colonel. However, you can find the very first CHruch’s Chicken right here in San Antonio. And if you have never been to a Church’s, it is truly finger licking good!